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How to cruise for free! - Cruise for free? Yes, itís possible and itís not as hard as you might think.

Little pirates of the Caribbean -  Whatís hip on ships nowadays ranges from surfing parks to charm school. Here's what the littlest pirates can expect on their next cruise. 

Feeling woozy? No cruise for you! - Imagine a passenger's surprise when she is told not to board the ship because she 'may' norovirus. 

Anita On CBS
'The Early Show'

Video Cruise Industry Reeling -  Congressman Christopher Shays and columnist Anita Dunham Potter speak with Julie Chen. 

Pick the right cruise cabin - Todayís cruise ships are floating resorts, and the cabins aspire to be holiday havens.  Find what's best for you.

Air Travel Tips - Read Anita's MSNBC Frommer's  chat on how to get the best airfare deals. 

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Cheapest Places 

World's Cheapest Destinations- Places where your dollars are worth a fortune.

Cruising Tahiti & Her Islands - A not so "Bora Bora Boring" cruise.

Cave Tubing In Belize - The ultimate underground adventure.


Discount Theater Tickets

"Is there a place in New York City where I can get discount theater tickets?"
Evan Maddox, Plano, Texas. 

Click here to read Anita's answer.

Check out these sites: TravelocityTravelzoo, Expedia

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